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About the Modpacks

FusionMC - 1.12.2 SMP/SSP

FusionMC is our main Modpack, it will be as up to date as Sponge allows and has the most support from us. it consists of 266 mods ranging from timeless classics such as Thaumcraft and IndustrialCraft 2 to modern interpretations of older mods, like ProjectRed, to outer worldly exploration mods, like AbyssalCraft.
Server IP: fusionmc.fusionmodpacks.uk

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FusionMC Legacy - 1.7.10 SMP/SSP

FusionMC Legacy is our old pack from back when 1.7.10 was still king of the modded versions, and also has more mods (more of a Java thing as Java is quite resource hungry nowadays with the newer vesions of MC), this is kept around for, well, more nostalgia than anything, it also has the benefit of being easier to run because of 1.7.10 being less ram dependant.
Server IP: fusionlegacy.fusionmodpacks.uk

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FusionMC Lite -1.10.2 SMP/SSP

FusionMC Lite was originally known as "Mini" but since we've renamed the packs it has taken up the mantle of being the Lite Pack, it is currently in "development" i guess you could say and has a hidden dev version on the launcher for you to test out. Ask one of the team for more details on that. it currently sits on 1.10.2 and currently has 70 mods.
Server IP: fusionlite.fusionmodpacks.uk

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FusionMC Vanilla -1.15.2 SMP/SSP

This is our Vanilla Server, Not "Vanilla" with plugins, nope, Pure Vanilla Minecraft, sometimes its nice to take a break from all of that and just play the game the way mojang intended.
Server IP: fusionvanilla.fusionmodpacks.uk