A quiet year of minimal progress

Its been a bit quiet around here, hasn't it?

Posted By Cabooshy on

Hey everyone! its been a little while since i updated everyone on this, with SpongeVanilla/Forge just around the corner (within the next couple of months) I'm gearing up to get the modpacks updated and sorted out , I've had quite a hectic 2021 and had much time to knuckle down and work on the modpacks, but with API 8 coming very soon i can work on shuffling everything around, resetting the world (since the big jump from 1.12.2 to 1.16.5 will cause major issues, modded minecraft is great!)

Since 1.16 is going to be supported for a long while, the main pack will reside there, with the 1.12 pack slimmed down (minimal plugins) and kept up in place of the now ageing 1.7.10 pack.

the 1.12 pack will also keep the old world, so if you liked the seed, we can replicate the seed on the new server.

Anyway, i will update you all on the progress in the coming months as API 8 becomes more accessible and usable.