The State of the Modpacks 2021

Just a quick update on the state of the packs going into 2021

Posted By Cabooshy on

Hey everyone!, thought I'd jump in and give everyone a update on the state of the Modpacks as of this year.

As you may know, Mojang accounts are being retired in favour of MS accounts. meaning many custom launchers (think GDLauncher or MultiMC) will need to be updated in order to carry on working with Java Ed. As of right now, the migration hasn't started yet and Mojang accounts work the way they have always. You can read more on the whole Migration topic here: Java Account Migration FAQ (help.minecraft.net)

I'm working on a way to make the Modpacks available as Profiles on the Official Launcher so while custom launchers are being updated, you can still play the Modpacks as you would've done!

So for now, keep an eye on this space. I'll likely be updating you guys on a new launcher for the Modpacks in the year, I've been wafting to move away from the SKCraft derived launcher for a while and even though its done well. with the hopes of 1.15+ Sponge Soon™ I'd have to move away anyway as Modded 1.13+ does not work (half the reason we're on 1.12.2 still, the other as mentioned is Sponge).

Stay Safe, and I hope I bring more good news in the coming months!